What does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mean for minority businesses?

construction-pic1The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) makes a long-overdue and historic investment in our national infrastructure – including roads, bridges, public transit, housing and broadband – to save or create nearly 400,000  jobs for American workers today and power enhanced economic growth for decades to come.

The Act includes $150 billion in new federal infrastructure funding that reflects President Obama’s belief that we can only strengthen our economy by investing in local economies.  For more information related to the Act, please visit www.recovery.gov.

Some of these projects include:

  • Investing more than $17 billion in public transit and high speed rail to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Safeguarding the roads, bridges, dams, ports, rail and water systems our families use everyday with an historic $40 billion, two-year investment.
  • Expanding broadband throughout America.
  • Making an historic$25 billion investment in school construction, sufficient to renovate and modernize 10,000 schools.

What should minority businesses do to ready themselves for opportunities?

Contracting opportunities made possible through the ARRA will be done no differently than any other government contracting opportunities.  MBDA recommends that minority businesses:

  • Register in the Central Contracting Registry (CCR) www.ccr.gov.  Or, if you are already registered, please make sure your profile is up to date with correct contact information, capabilities, bonding and most importantly, past performance.
  • Register with MBDA’s Phoenix Opportunity Matching System and visit your local MBDA Minority Business Center.  For a listing of the nearest MBDA center, please go to www.mbda.gov.
  • Be on the lookout for “Sources Sought” and “Request for Information (RFIs).  If you are contacted regarding an opportunity, please respond as soon as possible.
  • Make contacts and build relationships.  Some contracts may be large and/or bundled, but by building strategic partnerships with other companies, your minority business can still be part part of the work.  Firms which are 8(a)s, in the GSA Schedule, women-owned businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), Service Disabled Veteren Owned businesses, Native tribes, businesses in HUB zones: are state certified and have a strong past performance haev a competitive advantage for shovel ready projects.
  • Keep informed by visiting www.recovery.gov, www.fedbizopps.gov, and www.grants.gov to make sure you are aware of every opportunity your minority business could qualify for.

At MBDA,we are working to ensure that qualified minority businesses are considered for contracts and opportunities the ARRA provides.  We have been working with the Department of Transoprtation, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Small Business Administration, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  In addition, the MBDA Regional Offices and minority business centers across the country are meeting with state and local officials to discuss potential projects and matches with qualified and skilled minority businesses on the local level.

Together, we can rebuild America’s infrastructure to ensure jobs and economic growth for future generations of Americans.


3 responses to “What does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mean for minority businesses?

  1. Hank Wilfong Jr.

    Way to go MBDA!!!

    Absolutely, right on time information. We must make sure we take full advantage of the great opportunity the Reinvestment Act affords us.

    We at NASDB will be talking about this at our Summit/BrainTrust, in April.

  2. Good resource and good recommendations. I’m waiting for my DUNS before I can register with the central contracting registry. I did recently join the mbda forum and found it very enlightening.

  3. I think by employing CRM Application, the current administration is beginning to make changes based on what they see is the customer (society). This recovery act is a big step forward for minority business.

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